Volunteer Descriptions

Museum Docent

Position description

1) You will serve as a host, to provide a welcoming atmosphere.  

2) You will serve as interpreters of the museum's exhibits, helping children to gain a deeper understanding and exploration of their experience with the exhibits.

3) You will serve as a preserver, ensuring that exhibits are used appropriately and continuously organized for each new visitor.

Lead Educator & Assistant Educator



 Lead Educator:

       Leads the curriculum as specified in the lesson plan. (Education degree preferred)

Assistant Educator:

       Assists the lead educator in the facilitation of the curriculum.

Lead Programmer & Assistant Programmer



Lead programmer:

     Lead a group time with stories, fingerplays, etc. Facilitate a craft and STEAM project.

Assistant programmer:

     Assist lead programmer with set up, facilitation, and tear down of program.

Camp Counselor & Assistant Camp Counselor

Position description

Lead camp counselor:

     Leads the curriculum as specified in the lesson plans.  Supervises children to ensure safety and

     health procedures are in compliance.

Assistant camp counselor:

     Assists the lead counselor in the facilitation of the curriculum.  Assists in ensuring safety and

     health procedures are in compliance.

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