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Children discovering for the Support Discovery zone.
Child creating something for the Support Future Inventors zone.
Young artist creating for the Support Artists zone
A child realizing what they can do  for the Support Imagination zone.
A child simply having fun for the Support Play zone.

When you visit the Pikes Peak Children's Museum you will have a unique experience where touching everything is actually okay in a museum! So, what can you expect!?

We can be tricky to find for  the first time! 

We are at 2565 Airport Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80910

We are in the shopping mall across the street from Kum N Go, Planet Fitness, and Adventure Park. 

Look for this sign! 

Image of the Pikes Peak Children's Museum sign in front of the building.
The front desk at the Pikes Peak Children's Museum

When you first enter, you will find our office/desk space. 

Please be sure to check in here! 

We are an all-volunteer ran organization, so many times you will find only one of us behind the desk OR we are running around the museum getting stuff done. So, if you don't see us right away, know that we are excited to welcome you to the museum! 

We will give you a little speech about everything you can find in the museum and get you checked in! 

Moms, we have partnered with the Pikes Peak Breastfeeding Coalition to bring you a nursing area. 

Whether you want to use this space or not, just know that we are a breastfeeding friendly organization. So, you can honestly do what you need to do anywhere within the museum. 

However, for mamas that want some privacy, please feel free to use this space. Or if you just have that little baby that needs some seclusion. We hope you will find this a useful space within the museum. 

The breastfeeding area inside the Pikes Peak Children's Museum.
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