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We Are In Indy Give! AGAIN, This Year!

If you didn't hear OR see, we are a part of Indy Give! this year! We are so excited to be part of this yearly giving campaign here in Colorado Springs. So, what is Indy Give?!

Give! makes it simple for everyone, young and old, to get involved in philanthropy. It’s your chance to give back to local nonprofits across a wide range of categories. Learn more about Indy Give! here:

This year, we were able to secure $2,500 in MATCHING GRANTS! That means the first $2,500 in donations will be MATCHED! Our goal this year is to hit at least $5,000 in donations with our matching grant. We know we can do it with your help!

How can you help?!

Make a donation of course! The minimum donation must be at least $10. However, the more you give, the bigger your reward! You will be getting rewards from Give! + we will be giving our own rewards to you! Our rewards will change each week! You can find them on our Facebook Page announced each Tuesday!

Donations can be made from NOW until December 31st! You can use our donation link here:

Take a selfie! Did you already make a donation?! Awesome! THANK YOU! Do us another favor and share a selfie using this image! Share your selfie on your social and encourage others to donate to us as well!

Share our link with those you know! We all know that individuals will give to individuals they know! So, encourage your network to give back to us! The great part of Give! is that you can give to multiple nonprofits at one time. So, it isn't just about us. This means, you can encourage your network to not only donate to the causes they love, but introduce them to us, Pikes Peak Children's Museum, and ask them to make a donation to us as well!

You can share our link with your network in a number of ways:

- A personal email

- A text message

- A phone call

- A hand written letter

- Do you own a business? Give incentives to your customers if they donate to us!

- Include it in your newsletter if you own a business!

- Share our link to all your social media platforms & let others know you donated as well!

- Walk someone through making a donation in person!

- Share our QR code with your network!

Give! Again on #GivingTuesday! We are so grateful for all donations. However, if you can give again or for the first time on #GivingTuesday, that would be so appreciated! This is one of the BIGGEST giving days! This would be a great time to share with your network where they should give...with us! So, SAVE THE DATE for November 30th, 2021!!

Still have a birthday this year?! Ask your network if they would give to Pikes Peak Children's Museum as your gift this year! You can share our link and ask they to make a small donation! Or make it fun and have them donate the amount of money you are turning this year! Turning 35 this year, ask them to donate $35.

Join us at Noon Year's Eve on December 31st! There will be some great prizes that you can WIN for making a donation on the final day of Give! Depending on your donation, you will get raffle tickets to win some great prizes!

Thank you again for showing your support! It means the world to us! Do you have other outside of the box ways to share our link and encourage others to donate?! Share them with us!

Donations can be made from NOW until December 31st! You can use our donation link here:

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