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Pikes Peak Children's Museum Secures Permanent Location, Launches "Brick by Brick" Campaign


Nohealani March



(Colorado Springs, Co) -- After 15 years as a mobile museum, the beloved Pikes Peak Children's Museum (PPCM) has secured a brick and mortar location that will eventually become the permanent space for the organization to grow and is encouraging the community to help build it from the ground up with their donations.

Following the announcement of the new location on Facebook Live on Dec. 1, museum board members unveiled its “Brick by Brick: Building a Community Museum Together” campaign. Donors will be encouraged to donate $25 to earn a digital certificate or a “brick” that signifies that they actually helped to build the museum up from their donations.

The new space has more than eight spaces for children to learn, play and discover what PPCM has to offer. Museum leadership intentionally chose to plant the facility in the historically-underserved southeast region of Colorado Springs, Colo.

“We could not be more excited to finally have a place all our own,” said Annette Bone, the Board President of PPCM. “Opening up in southeast Colorado Springs was a deliberate choice on our part to help bring much-needed educational resources to these kids who may not be able to travel further north to reach other educational facilities. We want to be part of the revitalization of this community and support these kids who deserve something special in their area too.”

PPCM leadership said they have enjoyed incredible support from the community over the years, particularly during the well-renowned Noon Year’s Eve event, where children get to celebrate a typical New Year’s Eve countdown except at noon on December 31, instead of midnight.

The financial risk, said Bone, is particularly high at this time as the pandemic has caused many nonprofits and small businesses to go belly-up.

“We absolutely need the support of the community, or it’s possible we won’t make it,” said Bone. “We are hoping that by taking this leap of faith in securing a permanent location, our local community will have faith in us and show up, donate, and tell others to do those things for us too so that we can become a vital community resource for the children of Colorado Springs for years to come.”

The lease for PPCM begins March 1, 2021, and the facility is expected to open its doors to the public in March 2021. Donations, sponsors and volunteers are “very much needed” according to Bone.

Anyone interested in donating to or volunteering for PPCM should contact the Pikes Peak Children’s Museum board at 719-357-7726. Donations can be made directly to the organization by visiting

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