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We have 6 exhibit spaces  plus a program room!  Below are a few exhibits you can expect when you  visit. 

Image from the "Outer Space" zone with spacesuits and other astronaut-type items.
The stars and constellations learning area.
Items in the"Outer Space" room such as space suits, computers and a telescope.

Outer Space

If you have always wanted to be an astronaut, come and explore in our Outer Space Room. 

While You Play, You will Experience:

- A little history about NASA

- To use your imagination to become an astronaut

- To pretend to sit front row of mission control

- To use math skills to discover the distance of planets

- Hands on experience with physics making a paper airplane

- About molecules and atoms

- About constellations

Discover - Explore - Read - Fine Motor Skills - Imagine - Counting Skills - Life Skills - Sensory Exploration

Simple Machines

Do you like to build? If so, this room is for you. 

While You Play, You will Experience:

- How to properly use real tools

- To explore things like balance, physics, and more

- Cause and Effect

- How to be safe when building

- How things work together

Math skills - Weight - Height - Trial & Error - Gross Motor Skills - Fine Motor Skills - 

Wooden machine built for kids to play with and create on in the "Simple Machines" room.
Tools, wood samples and other items for use in building things in the "Simple Machines" room.
Another view of the "Simple Machines" room with fans, a board with magnets and other tools.
A scene from the "Farm to Fork" room that features small, empty garden beds.
A kitchen area in the "Farm to Fork" room.
A replica grocery stand and chicken coop, as well as painting of crops on the wall of the "Farm to Fork" room.

Farm to Fork

Do you love to use your imagination? Do you love food and learning where it comes from? Join us in our imagination playroom! 

While You Play, You will Experience:

- About your fruits and veggies

- How to create a delicious pizza

- Operating a phone or cash register

- To pick fruit from the fields

- Cooking in the kitchen

- How things decompose

- Watching things grow

Imagination - Sharing - Life Skills - Empathy - Money Skills - Pretend Play - Fine Motor Skills - 

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